Projects and proposals

Another city
Course at People’s University
Description (in Danish)

Another architecture – serving the others
Cross-cultural exchange project between schools of architecture from across the globe focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Institute of development urbanism
Proposal for a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary think-tank.

Scenarios for a car-free Copenhagen
A collaborative project about the transition to green mobility and the creation of green streets in Copenhagen, including a one-year pilot project in Badensgade.
Report (in Danish)

Car-free sector 19
Proposal to make a sector in Chandigarh car-free.

Low-cost garden flats
Proposal for flexible and affordable housing.

The great potential of Bangalore’s waterways
Assessment of the potential benefits of revitalizing the waterways of Bangalore.

Vertical kitchen gardens
Proposal for community kitchen gardens in a rehabilitation colony in Chandigarh.